This is Paxton or Pullman, a revolutionary interactive educational tool that teaches movie fans to identify two of the most prolific and recognizable actors of the modern era: Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman.

In a few short lessons, every human on earth will have the skills and confidence to correctly identify whichever Bill graces their screen. Scroll down to get started.

Okay. You've watched the video a five or six times and have a good grasp on which Bill is which. It's time to test yourself with a rapid fire quiz.

It's easy. See a Bill, pick a Bill. But you have to beat the clock.

Final Score:

You got a perfect score! You are a perfect person and you really know your Bills. The world needs you now more than ever.

So please sherpa this cause and share what critics call "a truly remarkable website" with those who need it most. Which is every living soul on the planet. Great job. You rule.

Final Score:

Hey, we can't all be perfect with our Bills. But we CAN take the quiz again to become true experts.

Give it another go. You owe it to yourself. You can do it.

Final Score:

That's not too bad. It's not great, but it's not bad.

Let's blame your score on a technical glitch, so you should probably take it again. Maybe this time with your eyes open? Just a thought.

Final Score:

At we're not big fans of negative reinforcement. But we are fans of pragmatic quiz shaming. That's a terrible score! so bad! Jeeez, it's like you didn't even try.

Take it again, but this time don't suck, okay? Please? We love you and we're sorry we yelled.

RIP Bill Paxton

From Mike and Joe